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Bureaucracy Of Bangladesh An Important Part Of The...

A Bureaucracy is an administrative or social system that relies on a set of rules and regulations, procedures, separation of functions and a hierarchical structure in implementing controls over an organization, government or social system. In the modern world, bureaucracy is the centre of all the work done by the government. It is often misinterpreted and misunderstood as a synthesis of organizational arrangements and as a social institution. Indeed almost every one find the bureaucracy â€Å"a convened whipping boy to explain all varieties of social problems.†(Peters,1981:56) Bureaucracy is an important part of the government. It helps to function all the work of the government quickly andmore effectively. Moreover it also helps to increase the public value in the Public sector. Bureaucracy in Bangladesh: Bangladesh a country which gained independence in 1971, as a result of a great war in which millions of people gave away their lives. Since then the bureaucratic system in Bangladesh is gradually changing. In terms of reforming and upgrading, bureaucracy of Bangladesh has become a more complex, highly expanded hierarchical system and more. The government of Bangladesh has a complicated structure. Here many civil servants work at different grades to serve the public sector. Moreover the bureaucrats help the policymakers to formulate and implement the public policy so that they can reach their particular goal for which they were formulated. Bureaucrats are one of the mostShow MoreRelatedBureaucracy And Its Effect On Society943 Words   |  4 PagesBureaucracy belongs to an important part in administrative science. Because this concept is a universal concept. Bureaucracy impacts on our society. Though it has a positive impact now-a-days it becomes more worsened in our country. It has become more red-tape in our country. Moreover it has many negative externalities such as rigidity, over formality, corruption and so on. WHAT IS BUREAUCRACY? Firstly we have to know whatisthe meaning of Bureaucracy. Bureau = office and cracy = practical usageRead MoreAdministrative Corruption Is Now A Buzzword For The Current Era Essay1360 Words   |  6 Pagesprivate organisation untrustworthy and increase nullification negligence and in society. Corruption has been the problem belonging ever since from the human civilisation.Corruption is not a new phenomenon Bangladesh. It got heavily engaged with the administrative and socio ­political system of Bangladesh. The word Corruption came from the Latin word Rum ­pere which means breaking.†According to the words expression corruption occurs when something (rules,ethics,behavior,norm) is broken†(Mousavi pourkianiRead MoreBureaucracy And Corruption : A Developing Country Of Southeast Asia Essay1092 Words   |  5 PagesBangladesh is a developing country of southeast Asia. It is a country with a population of more than 150 million people. The government system is parliamentary government system. Bureaucracy is a important part of the government which works for the efficient and effective policy Implementation. Now a days corruption is seen every where in the society and for this bureaucracy can t work properly. In this paper,l will try to find out the relationship between bureaucracy and corruption; try to findRead MoreSeminar Paper on Prismatic –Sala Model vs. Bureaucratic Model3996 Words   |  16 Pageshis background in sociological theory, Riggs created the â€Å"fuse d-prismatic-diffracted model.† This model covers a wide range of research. For instance, economic life, social structures, political symbols, and the allocation of power are all part of the analysis of structural function. From the perspectives of heterogeneity, overlapping, formalism, and social transformation, the model observes peculiar characteristics in prismatic society. Prismatic Sala Model F. W. RiggsRead MoreA Report On Prospects and Problems of Telecommunication.1223 Words   |  5 Pagesprospects of the industry, and finally taking marketing strategy for the customers and overall the industry. If Government, authorities, companies will give attention in this sector then whole industry will be benefited as well as general people, country and companies. The main objective of this term paper is to show the problems and prospects of telecommunication. It can be said that the Bangladesh telecom market has a lot of potential to offer considering strategically ignorable or somehow alterableRead MoreNew Public Management And Administrative Philosophy Essay3038 Words   |  13 PagesIntroduction: New Public Management is a management philosophy which is used by the government since 1980s to bring up to date the public sectors. Many developed and developing countries are now testing about the applicability of New Public Management in their context. New Public Management is conceived as administrative argument and administrative philosophy (Hood,1991) where these two concepts were fraternal rather than identical twins. The concept of administrative argument and administrativeRead MoreEconomic Environment In China Case Study860 Words   |  4 Pagesconsumers, bureaucracy, governmental challenges, trade regulations of china (such as tariff rate, import tariff, vat, consumption tax, business tax, and corporate income tax, quota and lice nsing control and free trade agreements with China). In December 2016 Chinese consumers per capita income was as USD 6894.50. The important thing is, this income was three times higher than Bangladesh India whose Per capita income were 1029.60 and 1861.50 respectively (Trading Economics, 2017). Bureaucracy: TheRead MoreThe Causes And Effect Of Resistance On The Government Organizations During The Public And Private Sectors1776 Words   |  8 Pagesreviewed. 1. Anis Khassawneh Khassawneh works considered relevant to the part of this study because it has been investigated and identified the main causes of employee resistance to changes in government organisations in Jordan. He discusssed the causes of resistance to change in developing countries. He cited the experience of Bangladesh in changing the administration, where there has been a rejection that comes from government officials (Khassawneh 2005:19). This experience was the result of researchRead MoreIndia s World For Peace, Prosperity And All Round Development1543 Words   |  7 Pageseyes. The militaristic, political confrontation between these two countries saw the biggest triumph for India, humiliating and unbearable defeat for Pakistan and the creation of a new nation Bangladesh who went through their most horrible days, from the erstwhile East Pakistan. The liberation of Bangladesh from the cruel clutches of Pakistan was the main reason for conflict between India and Pakistan. India being a sandwich between East Pakistan and West Pakistan could not turn his eyes from theRead MoreClass Struggle5630 Words   |  23 Pageseconomism) hardly threatens the status quo. In fact, by applying craft union tactics of excluding other workers from skilled trades, an economistic struggle may even weaken the working class as a whole by dividing it. Class struggle becomes more important in the historical process as it becomes more general, as industries are organized rather than crafts, as workers class consciousness rises, and as they self organize away from political parties. Marx referred to this as the progress of the proletariat

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